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Key City Dance Co. offers quality dance training with personal, professional attention. The staff strives to instill a growing love for the performing art of dance, increase body awareness, stimulate creative ability, as well as give students the opportunity to interact with others who have like interests and abilities.  They believes in a strong technical foundation and considers each dancer's body structure, capability and development on an individual basis. Dance boosts self-esteem, teaches discipline, increases coordination & flexibility, improves cardiovascular & physical condition and provides enrichment through a basic rhythmic & musical background. Dance gives students goals to strive for and educates them by involving them in an athletic/art form, the benefits of which will last a lifetime.

Preschool Ballet / Tap ClassPreschool Ballet/Tap Class Performing At Area Nursing Home

Dorothy with the Munchkins

Melissa McCoy as Dorothy with the Munchkins in "The Wizard of OZ" 


Battle in Market Place - Act I -      "ROMEO AND JULIET" 


Battle in Market Place - Act I -      "ROMEO AND JULIET" 

The new owners of the studio - now known as Key City Dance Co. plan on continuing Ms Cindy's legacy of quaity dance education.  Offering Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Tap, Modern and Acro ensures that there is something for everyone.  Fall Registration is scheduled for August 15th and Fall Semester Classes begin on September 8th.  

Dance is a performing art and therefore without the performance only half of the goal is reached. In the thirty-nine years of operating Dance, Ltd.- School of Dance, Ms. Mundschenk has produced over 120 main stage productions. Each year her students have the opportunity to perform in two productions as well as other performance venues. Past productions include numerous productions of "The Nutcracker", As well as "Sleeping Beauty", "Romeo & Juliet", "Swan Lake", "Cinderella", "Hansel and Gretel", "Les Sylphides", "Giselle", "Coppellia", "La Fille mal Gardee", "Firebird", "Gala Performance", "Wizard of Oz", "The Red Shoes", "Alice in Wonderland", "Things that go Dance in the Night", "Beauty and the Beast", "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" and more. Dance, Ltd. students have performed with the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra Family Concerts, Philharmonic Children's Performances, "Artwalk", and entertained at numerous fundraisers and fairs. Students also perform at area retirement and nursing homes.

Students from Dance, Ltd. have also had the opportunity to perform live onstage with the Moscow Ballet.  Ms Mundschenk was the Children's Chorus Director for the World Premier of the Moscow Ballet's "The Great Russian Nutcracker". Abilene's cast was chosen to represent the children's chorus on training aids distributed nationwide. Moscow Ballet returned in the winter of 2009 to the Abilene Civic Center with Ms. Mundschenk again stepping into the role of Children's Chorus Director. She was the liaison between the professional Russian dancers and the local children's cast. Dance, Ltd. Studios was the hosting studio and rehearsal facility.

2017 found us having a busy year with perofmances at Texas Tech University half-time performance at a Big 12 Basketball game.  It was an amazing experience to perform to thousands of people who gave the dancers a standing ovation. 

2017 also saw a return to competition.  We have always been successful in competition and this year was no exception.  AMP Dance Competition in Mildand was a new one for us and as usual we stood head and shoulders above the rest.  I was so proud of their committment and performance in all the group routines, duets and solos.. 


Advanced Hip Hop Class

Advanced Hip Hop Class 

Orchestrate the Groove

"Orchestrate the Groove" 

In Spring of 2010 students were featured twice as the half-time entertainment for the Rough Riders Arena Football Team. In January 2011 fourteen of her dancers donned kilts and performed the "Highland Fling" as entertainment for the Abilene Pipers presentation of "The Robert Burns Supper". January 2012 the London 2012 group opened for the Harlem Globetrotters with their rendition of "Footloose" the opening number for their performance during the 2012 Olympics in London, England. January 2012 Cindy Mundschenk and several of her students participated in an Art Show at the Center for Contemporary Arts, in Abilene, TX. The Art show "EVOLVE" featured several artists including Terri Knight who incorporated dancer as performance art during the art show. A special Christmas Performance for 2011, 2013. 2015 & 2016 included a lecture demonstration format at an in-studio performance and was very well received. The 2012 Spring Production was a full one with the classical Ballet "Giselle", the children's show "Beauty and the Beast" and a recital segment of Hip Hop, Jazz, Solo's and Contemporary numbers. The 2013 Spring show was "La Fill Mal Gardee" & "Copellia". The 2014 Spring Performance was Act I of "Romeo and Juliet" for the Corps de Ballet and "The Red Shoes" as our children's show. 2014 was rounded out by a Christmas Production of "The Nutcracker". Our Spring show for 2015 was a memorable production of "The Wizard of OZ". The format of the 2016 Spring Show was changed up to a recital format with numbers like "Ballet Blanc" and "God Bless the USA" taking center stage.  Due to a theatre conflict the Nutcracker was not produced so the Christmas Performance was a recital format highlighting student choreographed works.  January of 2017 students performed at a Big 12 Basketball game halftime performance of "God Bless the USA".. In March students competed at AMP Dance Competitions in Midland walking away with most of the top awards.  The 2017's Spring Production was the ever popular ballet "Coppelia" by Delibes.  The lead role of Swanildia was performed by Senior Student Ashlynn Brooks with Senior Student Lroenzo Tibbitts playing Franz.  David Mundschenk delighted the audiences by revived the role of Dr. Coppelious.  Spring Production for 2018 was "Hansel & Gretel" as the children's show and "Gala Performance" for the Corps de Ballet.  The role of Gretel will be performed by Emma Williams and Hansel by Dale Tibbitts.   Christmas of 2018 the students showcased their talents in a studio performance of "Keeping Spirits Bright".  The Spring show for 2019 was a revival of the ever popular, "Alice in Wonderland".  This audience favorite was a huge hit. Alices were performec by RaeLeigh Taylor (tall Alice), Savannah Rozencranz (Med Alice) and Avigale Burton (Small Alice).  The Mad Hatter was performed by Dale Tibbits with the Red Queen of Hearts being performed by Leilani Tibbitts.   The Fall of 2019 saw a revival of the "Nutcracker" with Addison Meuth as Clara and Dale Tibbitts as the Nutcracker/Prince. 



Main Characters of "THE RED SHOES" 



the Performance Troupe "Texas to the Bone" returned from London, England where they danced during the 2012 Summer Olympics as well as at a Dance Festival at 1000 year old Warwick Castle in England.  Upcoming performances include another Art Show at the Center for Contemporary Arts in November, Numberous Artwalks, Texas Tech Basketball game half-time performance, competition and Spring Production 2017 of "Coppelia".  

Dance, Ltd has once again been the only group from the entire state of Texas to be invited to perform during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

Due to the cancellation of the 2016 Rio Olympic performance we have been invited to perform in Italy the summer of 2018.  Since we were unable to collect the minimum numbers we sadly had to cancel the Italy 2018 trip.


"Fairies" from "SLEEPING BEAUTY" - 


Curtain Call from "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" - 

Ballet Blanc

"Ballet Blanc"

Swan Lake

"Swan Lake"